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Founded in 2004, BASON is a national high-tech enterprise. With the product spirit of “innovation、intelligence and fashion”, We have a vast of product line from traditional lighting, lamp to smart home lighting and atmosphere lighting series. The company focus on fashionable brand culture and talents with professional marketing team. Cordially invite global agents and dealers to join us!
BASON is also a professional strong OEM brand lighting manufacturer. We export our product over the world, especially America and Europe. Most of them are international lighting brand and chain hypermarket. This is due not only to the demand for our high-quality products, but also to the company’s strong commitment to research and development.
Our product are designed, R&D and manufactured at our own factory in Shenzhen. BASON has set up our own testing lab, including complete equipment for light equipment for light test. It has an R&D team of experts and senior engineers and own our own patent of invention and applications.
Our factory, manufacturing processes and products comply with a majority of regulations and quality standards, such as ISO9001,BSCI etc. A majority of our product are GS/CE/UL certified.
We have an excellent sales team to provide pre-sales, sales and after-sales technical service. The company is willing to friends from all over the world to create a global sales network.Motion Sensor Counter Door Lighting quotation